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The Bitter Owners Club was initially founded in 1988 to represent the interests of owners and enthusiasts of the 33 cars in the U.K. It was soon expanded to meet the needs of Bitter enthusiasts worldwide. Currently the Club has over 50 members in 5 countries.

"Best Bitter", the Club magazine, is at the heart of the Club. It is published quarterly and normally has between 32 and 40 pages. It covers topics such as

1. Introducing new members 7. Spares Availability
2. Changes in ownership 8. Technical matters
3. Cars for sale 9. News from the German Bitter Club
4. Bitter values 10. Participation in shows and rallies
5. Insurance 11. Archive features and articles
6. Member's letters

No 25 - Jul/Aug 1992
No 50 - Sep/Oct 1996
No 75 - Nov/Dec 2000

No 100 - Nov/Dec 2004
No 125 - July 2015

Back issues of "Best Bitter" are available at £2 plus postage, but several are out of print.