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Keinath KC5 (Opel Monza Cabriolet) - 1985 Pricelist

Late in 1981 with SC's steadily coming out of the Schwelm works, Erich Bitter believed that there was a market for a convertible form of the SC. Erich Bitter approached Automotive Industrial Design of Worthing, Sussex in the UK, and asked them to build two prototypes by converting SC Coupés. A.I.D., as they were known, produced a clean-cut design using frameless side windows and a power hood which folded to leave about 4 inches / 10 cms protruding above the body line. The hood was shaped to keep the car's top-up profile as close as reasonably possible to the SC Coupé's lines. The electrically powered mechanism was located in one side of the boot.

In 1984 Erich Bitter approached the Keinath company at Dettingen an der Erms, 20 miles / 30 kms south of Stuttgart, seeking their ability and capacity to convert the coupés. The company, located 280 miles / 450 kms south of the Schwelm works, were able to carry out the work and convert A.I.D.'s design into production vehicles. Keinath's conversion task meant removing the roof, strengthening the body, remaking the top halves of the door to make them frameless, sub-contracting the manufacture of the hood and frame, installing the soft top and its power mechanism, making the rear side windows, remaking the rear wings, and installing the switches and wiring for the hood and side windows.

Turin based SALT had to produce revised interiors for the Cabriolet, as the rear of the interior and boot had many minor changes of dimension, although at first glance there was little difference with the Coupé.

Although Erich Bitter was hoping to put his soft top into production two or three years earlier, the first cars to come from Keinath didn't arrive until 1985, and the last was built in early 1986. Only 22 Cabriolets were built, 21 LHD and 1 RHD. The majority was exported to America, mainly California, where Bitter's American H.Q. was located.

Displacement--235 cu in3848 cc
Bore x Stroke--3.74 in x 3.56 in95,0 mm x 90,5 mm
Compression ratio--9.4 : 19,4 : 1
Fuel delivery--Bosch L-Jetronic injectionBosch L-Jetronic injection
Horsepower--210 hp at 5100 rpm210 hp at 5100 rpm
Torque--257 lb ft at 3400 rpm327 Nm at 3400 rpm
Length--193.3 in4910 mm
Width--71.7 in1820 mm
Height--52.4 in1330 mm
Weight (aut./man.)--3679 lbs / 3635 lbs1670 kg / 1650 kg
Wheelbase--105.6 in2683 mm
Track (front/rear)--58 in / 60 in1473 mm / 1524 mm
Wheels (front/rear)--7 J 15 / 8 J 157 J 15 / 8 J 15
Tires (front/rear)--215-60 VR 15 / 235-55 VR 15215-60 VR 15 / 235-55 VR 15
Top speed (aut./man.)--130 mph / 133 mph210 km/h / 215 km/h
Acceleration (aut./man.)--0 - 60 mph : 8.6 / 7.6 sec0-100 km/h : 8,8 / 7,8 sec