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Keinath KC5 (Opel Monza Cabriolet)

The Opel Monza was a big rear-wheel drive fastback coupé built between 1978 and 1986. It was based on the Opel Senator A.

As with the Senator A there was a facelift in 1982 leading to the denomination Opel Monza A1 for the pre-facelift model and Opel Monza A2 for the facelifted model. The Opel Monza could also be delivered with a Ferguson four-wheel drive configuration.

Between 1984 and 1986 Keinath of Dettingen an der Erms built 144 cabriolets of the Opel Monza. They were marketed as Keinath KC5. Keinath also built the Bitter SC Cabriolets by converting Bitter SC Coupés.

When the Opel Senator A was replaced with the Opel Senator B the Opel Monza was discontinued.

Displacement181 cu in2968 cc
Bore x Stroke3.74 in x 2.75 in95,0 mm x 69,8 mm
Compression ratio9.4 : 19,4 : 1
Fuel deliveryBosch L-Jetronic injectionBosch L-Jetronic injection
Horsepower180 hp at 5800 rpm134 kW at 5800 rpm
Torque182 lb ft at 4200 rpm248 Nm at 4200 rpm
Length184.6 in4690 mm
Width68.3 in1735 mm
Height54.3 in1380 mm
Weight (aut./man.)3062 lbs / 3018 lbs1390 kg / 1370 kg
Wheelbase105.1 in2670 mm
Track (Front/Rear)56.9 in / 57.9 in1445 mm / 1470 mm
Wheels6 J 156 J 15
Tires205/60 VR 15205/60 VR 15
Top speed130 mph / 133 mph210 km/h / 215 km/h
Acceleration0 - 60 mph : 9.8 sec / 8.3 sec0-100 km/h : 10,0 sec / 8,5 sec